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SCSI Extenders
Paralan's high-quality family of SCSI Bus Extender and RegeneratoR products lengthen data transmission distance with complete transparency. Whether you choose to extend the SCSI Bus from feet to miles, Paralan has the solution.
SCSI Extenders

Product Highlights include:

  • Extend SCSI Bus serially over Gigabit Ethernet
  • Extend over standard SCSI parallel cable
  • Maintain data throughput
  • Transparent to software, hardware and operator
  • Will not consume a SCSI I.D.
  • Full SCSI cable lengths on all segments
  • Models for SE, HVD, LVD
  • Plug and go installation
  • Complies with all ANSI X3T10 SCSI standards

There is more than one way to extend SCSI:

1. Extend SCSI with iSCSI Bridges :

iS500 Family of iSCSI Bridges will easily and inexpensively locate storage and backup SCSI devices anywhere for disaster recovery or remote backup - yards, meters, kilometers, or miles - the distance is unlimited!

2. Extend SCSI with RegeneratoRs:

Paralan's RegeneratoRs create a completely new SCSI bus segment of the same LVD, SE or HVD type, allowing longer SCSI lengths. They can be used back-to-back for even greater distances:

3. Extend SCSI with Converters:

Whether Single Ended (SE) LVD or HVD SCSI, Paralan Converters can be used to extend SCSI cable length. The following converters extend SCSI when converting as well as when used in a back to back configuration:

MH32/MH33 for Ultra320LVD to HVD



MS8/MS9 Narrow LVD/MSE to SE

SD10/SD11 Narrow SE to HVD


EB1 Rack Mountable Expander Box

TB1 Telco Expander Box


The Case for SCSI Expanders

Expanding the SCSI Bus

What is SE, LVD and HVD?

LVD SCSI Information, excerpt from Paralan's Book

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