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SCSI Computer Forensic and Data Back Up and Recovery Products

Paralan now offers Voom Technologies Inc. SCSI computer forensic and data back up and recovery products, which can be purchase immediately through the Paralan Store.

SCSI HardCopy


A simple 3 button interface and straightforward easy to understand display make it incredibly easy to use. Only SCSI HardCopy™ forensically images UltraSCSI Hard drives at the speed of the drive. Only SCSI HardCopy™ is this fast. No adapters required for imaging or cloning Ultra SCSI hard drives. Although no drives operate at 9 GB per minute yet, when they do, SCSI HardCopy™ will handle them! Get more details here, and then purchase online. Have other needs? View additional Voom Technology products at the Paralan Store.


  • Image SCSI drives up to 9 GB per minute
  • Store entire images in single ISO (dd type files, also called flat files) file for ease of investigation
  • Option to chunk data into multiple files for ease of archiving. CRC on each chunk, and MD5 to ease forensic validation of the data!


  • Cut your imaging time in half
  • Very light weight, less than two pounds, plus the laptop style power supply
  • Manual is included, but it is so easy to use that most users never open the manual


  • Proven HardCopy Engine Includes optimized drive imaging, imaging at same speeds as cloning. Up to 9 GB per minute sustained data transfer rates, go at the speed of the drives!
  • Dynamic Capacity SCSI HardCopy™ will handle any size drive available
  • Modular New features will be made available to SCSI HardCopy™ as add-ons to prolong the life and increase the value of SCSI HardCopy™

What is the SCSI Hardcopy™ Advantage:

  • Speed. Nothing else is as fast as the SCSI HardCopy™
  • State of the art functionality with entry level pricing
  • The easiest interface to use means you can unpack and begin using SCSI HardCopy™ immediately

Have other needs? View additional Voom Technology products at the Paralan Store.

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