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Paralan's Latest News

Paralan rolls out HVD SCSI Hard Drives

SCSI High Voltage Differential Drive Users can now get HVD SCSI hard drive storage with SATA inside

Legacy HVD SCSI based systems can upgrade to SATA without having to replace their entire system infrastructure

December 14, 2010 - San Diego, CA

Paralan, the world's SCSI experts, today announced the availability of two new 3.5 inch HVD SCSI hard drives. Both the 250 gigabyte SHD-250 and the 500 gigabyte SHD-500 can be factory configured to look like smaller capacity HVD SCSI drives for those systems that have a smaller maximum drive capacity

The new drives allow military, manufacturing and industrial applications to easily replace their old and failing HVD hard drives with faster, larger and more modern SATA based HVD SCSI drives. The SHD 250 and SHD 500 are basically 2.5 inch SATA drives converted to have the same physical form and connections and communicate as 3.5 inch 68 pin wide HVD SCSI drives.

"Don't replace the entire system, just update the storage," says Marc Brooks, CEO of Paralan. "Many of our industrial customers have been telling us they cannot find replacements for their HVD SCSI drives and have been using expensive workarounds or purchasing entire new systems. Now they can simply unplug the old dying or dead HVD SCSI drive and connect a new Paralan SHD series drive."

Until now, no one has manufactured HVD SCSI Hard Drives for about five years. There are tens of thousands of military and industrial systems in the world that still use HVD SCSI as their storage solution. To fill this need, Paralan has developed the new SHD series HVD SCSI drives.

For those systems with limited storage bandwidth, Paralan can supply any of the SHD Series HVD SCSI drives in a range of storage capacities to allow industrial engineers to match the storage capacity of the new drives to the storage capacity of the existing system.

Prices for the SHD-250 and the SHD-500 start off at $495 and $595 in single unit quantities respectively. Quantity discounts are available.

More about Paralan

Before the development of SCSI Bus Expanders, SCSI cable length was restricted to short distances. To address this limitation, Paralan Corporation invented and manufactured the world's first fiber optic SCSI Bus Extender compatible with any manufacturer's SCSI host adapters and SCSI peripherals.

As pioneers in developing and manufacturing this technology, Paralan is the most trusted name in SCSI Bus Enhancement. The company's high-quality, reliable product lines include iSCSI Bridges™, SCSI Extenders, SCSI Converters, SCSI Enhanced Drives and Narrow SCSI Replacement Drives, SCSI Switch, premium SCSI Quiet Cable™, SCSI Cable Testers, and Ultra320 Host Bus Adapters.

Founded in 1988, San Diego-based Paralan designs and manufactures both off-the-shelf and custom products for industry leaders like IBM, Siemens, Alcatel, Xerox, and Northrop Grumman. Paralan's products are embedded in computer installations worldwide, making SCSI work.

Paralan Corporation
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iS500 Family of SCSI Bridges

Paralan Corporation Announces the iS500 Family of iSCSI Bridges™

San Diego, CA - October 2005 - Paralan Corporation, a leader in SCSI innovation, announced today the release of its iS500 Family of iSCSI to parallel SCSI Bridges.

iSCSI products

For organizations using or considering an IP SAN (Internet Protocol Storage Area Network), Paralan’s iS500 Family of iSCSI Bridges™ will easily connect parallel SCSI devices to an IP SAN and merge "Direct Attached Storage" (DAS) systems and devices into networked iSCSI storage environments.

For organizations not using a SAN, Paralan’s iS500 Family of iSCSI Bridges™ will easily and inexpensively locate storage and backup SCSI devices anywhere for disaster recovery or remote backup.

Paralan's iS500 Bridges are available in enclosed box, rack mount and board versions, and offer many unique features including:

• Fast and reliable wire speed iSCSI throughput.

• Easy installation including an initial IP address and the capability to be used in DHCP over TCP/IP environments.

• Automatically detects every parallel SCSI device connected to the 68-pin SCSI interface upon power up.

• Field upgradeable to adapt to future expansions of the iSCSI specifications, and compliant with iSCSI and SCSI interface standards.

• Built-in Graphical Interface addressable by any web browser through the Gigabit Ethernet port.

• At-a-Glance status LEDs for SCSI Bus Activity, Self Diagnostics, Power, Gigabit Ethernet Link Status and Gigabit Ethernet Activity.

In addition, the iS500 Bridges are transparent to S/W, H/W and Operator, are available in Ultra160 LVD/MSE and HVD Models, offer Plug-and-Go installation, support all SCSI device types, and are FCC, UL, cUL, and CE compliant.

Quantity pricing is available as low as $995.

About Paralan Corporation

As pioneers in developing SCSI technology, San Diego-based Paralan is the most trusted name in SCSI Bus Enhancement. The company's high-quality, reliable product lines include iSCSI Bridges™, SCSI Extenders, RegeneratorRs™, and Converters, as well as premium cables, testers, and switches. Founded in 1988, Paralan provides both off-the-shelf and custom products that are embedded in computer installations worldwide, making SCSI work. With less than a 0.1% product return rate, Paralan has developed a reputation for superior reliability and unparalleled quality.

Contact: Paralan Corporation
Phone: (866) 447-6293 or (858) 560-7266

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