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don't take chances, SCSI cables can bite

Don't Take Chances, SCSI Cables Can Bite

For SCSI Cables: Paralan SCSI Quiet Cables
Paralan Corporation was one of the first companies to recognize that 90% of the problems with SCSI Bus installations lie with the cables. To address this problem, Paralan developed its own line of high-quality shielded Quiet Cables.

Paralan's premium cables:

  • Are designed specifically for SCSI
  • Prevent SCSI cable problems
  • Are specified and tested for Slow through Ultra320 SCSI Applications.
  • Minimize induced signal noise and cross talk
  • Meet the latest ANSI X3T10 SCSI standards, and are CE and FCC Class B tested

SCSI Quiet Cable Specifications

50-pin SCSI cable connector. SCSI cables picture 68-pin SCSI cable connector. SCSI cables picture VHDC SCSI cable connector. SCSI cables picture

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SCSI Cable Cautions

50-pinout SE and HVD

68-pinout SE and HVD

68-pinout LVD/MSE

PDF version of this data sheet.

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