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SCSI Solutions: Custom Assemblies and Systems

In addition to standard off-the-shelf products, Paralan offers custom solutions to meet a variety of configuration needs.  From large OEMS requiring thousands of units to smaller operations, Paralan can meet your exact requirements by applying our SCSI-savvy engineering, from SCSI-1 through Ultra320 and iSCSI.  And, as with our standard products, you will receive the same superior functionality, quality and reliability. Sample custom adaptations are illustrated below:

SD10 This Single-ended to Differential SCSI Converter was packaged in an ISA bus format. It picks up the single-ended SCSI bus internally, power from the ISA bus, and provides a differential SCSI port on a rear connector.
Single-ended to Differential SCSI Converter Paralan’s standard Single-ended to Differential SCSI Converter produced to customer-specified form factor.
SCSI Fiber Optic Extender This SCSI Fiber Optic Extender was designed to fit in a unique space. It picks up the single-ended SCSI bus from an internal ribbon cable, converting the standard SCSI signal to a high-speed fiber optic link. At the opposite end, a standard Paralan SCSI Extender mates with the fiber optic link to provide a SCSI bus extension up to 2500 ft. (0.75 km).
LVD/MSE to HVD Converter This LVD/MSE to HVD Converter is on a small 2x4 inch (51x102mm) form factor yet provides full capabilities.
scsi converter This SCSI Converter has two unique features:
1. A SCSI Universal interface that automatically detects and switches to the SE, LVD or HVD mode depending on the peripherals connected to it.
2. A feature that blocks all SCSI "WRITE" commands to prevent writing to peripherals.

Paralan’s knowledgeable technical team can match your SCSI needs with custom SCSI components, modifications to standard Paralan products, or even with custom systems.

SIR series regenerator This powered enclosure houses four custom SIR series SCSI RegeneratoR™s with hot swap capability for a high availability application.
LVD/MSE to HVD SCSI Converter This custom OEM LVD/MSE to HVD SCSI Converter plugs directly onto an LVD tape drive to convert it to HVD.
SR14 scsi write block This SCSI Write Block Hardware Tool was designed to allow Computer Forensic investigation which could be accomplished without equivocation concerning modification of the data. When employed, the databases may be read, but not written to. Connects to any SCSI implementation as SCSI Universal interface is employed to automatically detect SCSI LVD, HVD or SE mode.
SR14 Data Sheet pdf download (available for custom orders only)
If you are an OEM with minimum requirements for a few hundred units, Paralan can design a SCSI switch to your specifications and deliver prototypes in as little as ten weeks. Our Proprietary SCSI Bus Expander ASICs are designed for use in SCSI switches.
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